Welcome prospective Heir Hunters!

Welcome to our shiny new blog – Heir Hound began as a simple free service to save heir hunters (both professional and ‘amateur’) having to check the Bona Vacantia every week. Users sign up and create surname alerts and Heir Hound does the hard work of updating our system from the Bona Vacantia every week and if any of the names match your surname alerts we send you an email to let your know.

What you do if you receive an alert is up to you. First I’d suggest that you do some family tree research or examine your existing family tree to establish if you actually are related to the deceased. If you are and think you may be an heir to the unclaimed estate then you can either contact the Treasury and try to progress the case yourself or you can contact a professional heir hunter or probate genealogist to help you.

Well that’s the original raison d’etre for Heir Hound but I’m finding that it is gradually evolving (or mutating!) into my place on the web for my general genealogy and geekery interests so this blog will probably end up containing a variety of subjects but usually all with a genealogy slant.

I hope someone finds this blog interesting but then as one genealogy T-Shirt I saw said ‘Genealogist: You’d be much more interesting to me if you were dead…’




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  1. I have taken an interest in looking for heirs, with the help of your excellent site. The one problem I have , is where do I purchase a contract for signing people to allow me a percentage of their inheritance

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